Sometimes things change. No matter how hard we fight it, no matter much we resist, it happens. Whether its a change in appearance or a change in scenery, It Happens. Sometimes its other people that change and we’re left looking on the outside in to someone we once knew. Other times its ourselves that change and we learn new things about ourselves. Good, Bad, change is neither it is simply change. Do we welcome it or do we shun this inevitabe occurrence. I’ve been undergoing my own changes lately, it seems like everyday there is something new. I wake up in a different place everyday wondering what could be next. Strangers surrounding me selling me this and that. The closet people to me couldn’t seem further away, seriously whats up with all this. I feel more disconnected and out of touch then ever. I feel like I’m watching things from an unseen place, neither here nor there, and out of body experience of sorts. The people I thought were the ones that understood me the most seem to be the very ones that don’t understand at ¬†all. just something to past the time. sometimes its better to write these things out, working on something new anyway…

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